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Black olives and Fresh Herbs Toghrift or Batboot / Batbout aux herbes et olives noires! [Flickr]

Posted on juin 20, 2012 in Recettes

It is called « Toghrift » = توغريفت, or « Batboot » = بَطْبوطْ, or « Mchayar » = مْشَيَّرْ, or « Mkhamar » = مخمر, or « Matlou3″ = مَطْلوعْ , etc…..This bread is called in so many different names but they are all the same bread.

This is a classic and a very popular flat bread in Morocco. Traditionally, it is served with Tagines, or for breakfast with a nice spread, and very often in Ramadan. Actually, it is very popular during Ramadan « Shour meal » (S7our = السّْحورْ); served with olive or argan oil, or butter and honey with Moroccan Atay.

In my family and in most villages in South Morocco, we call it « Toghrift »= TOR-RIFT (The first « R » is French while the second « R » is a rolled one). The letters « gh » in the word « T O GH R I F T » stands for the sound « Ghayn = غ » in Arabic, and if the two letters « gh » are used together, they are pronounced like the French « R », similar to a gargling sound in the back of the throat, like in the French word « Rivière », and which sounds the same as in the following words: « Imazighen » or « Ghriba », etc…..

On the other hand, if the letter « R » is used in some Arabic or Imazighen names, it usually stands for the rolled, English « R », as in the the word « T O G H R I F T », and it is pronounced like the English « R », as in the word « Rain ». However, some people prefer to use numbers to illustrate the differences between the French and the English « R ».

Toghrift and other forms of bread are served in Moroccan homes on daily basis. It is spongy, chewy and more importantly delicious. It is also enjoyed when shaped small in size, known as « Mini-Toghrifts or Mini-Batboot », then stuffed with vegetables, tuna, kefta, brochettes, cheese, sea food, etc… However you decide to serve it plain, toghrift is a delicious compliment to any meal!


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